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Posted on
7 Jul 2011


At Bicycle Recycle, we operate a fully equipped workshop onsite to enable us to carry out all repairs and servicing. Should a particular day suit you, make a booking on 9555 8692.

We strive to keep the costs of repairs and servicing as low as possible and offer this guide for your information:

Effective 1 July, 2018

Full Service* $165

  • Full cassette removal and chain wash
  • Head set removal, clean, re-pack (if applicable) and re-assemble
  • Cranks removed, cleaned and sprocket wear inspection
  • Bottom Bracket removal, clean, re-pack (if applicable), re-assemble
  • Front and rear hubs disassembled, cleaned re-packed and re-assembled
  • All cables inspected and lubricated or replaced if required
  • Front and rear wheels removed and trued
  • Tyres inflated to specification and re-beaded if required
  • Brakes tuned and pads replaced if required
  • Gears tuned
  • Cassette and chain checked for wear, replaced if required
  • All nuts, bolts and Allen key bolts checked
  • All bearing seals inspected and cleaned

General Service* $75

  • Gear Tune, chain lubricated
  • Brake tune and pad replacement if required
  • All cables checked, lubricated and replaced if required
  • All open bearings adjusted if required
  • Botom bracket assessed
  • Tyres inflated to specification and re-beaded if required/possible
  • All nuts, bolts and Allen key bolts checked

Additional Services and Charges*:

*Parts are not included in services and attract additional costs

  • Wheel True (plus spokes if required) $25
  • Brake bleed or fit (per end) $25
  • Bike build (boxed bike)$85
  • Tube supplied and fitted $15 (basic tube)
  • Frame changeover (labour) $200
  • Bike build (from parts)$200
  • Baby seat fitting $30
  • General bike clean $40
  • Cassette & chain clean $30
  • Gear tune $30
  • Brake tune $30
  • Axle rebuild $30 (including loose ball bearings)
  • Damage Assessment $25
  • Accessory fitting fee (per item) $5
  • Adult training wheels fitting $30
  • Priority service fee $25